Strategy Focus:

Private Credit, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Direct Deals

Andrei Gheorghe


Mr. Andrei Gheorghe is a Partner at Ramana Capital, LLC.

Ramana Capital is a company dedicated to driving big technological changes for the greater good. Mr. Gheorghe brings his deep understanding of tech and a heartfelt commitment to making the world a better place.

At Ramana Capital, Mr. Gheorghe uses his expertise to spearhead investments in innovative tech and impact startups. His goal is to foster a future where technology is a cornerstone for inclusive growth and development. His long-standing experience and deep tech know-how help him evaluate companies' true potential and correlating future market impact. His background also includes managing marketing, branding and social media companies, along with a lot of experience in product design and development. This gives him invaluable skills for conducting thorough due diligence.

Throughout his career in technology innovation, Mr. Gheorghe has also done extensive research on the world's most pressing problems. Having spent a lot of time traveling and connecting with people deeply involved in this space, he has built a wide network of people and organizations leading the charge on solving these global issues. This has given him a profound understanding of the challenges facing humanity and motivated him to partner with promising foundations to help them achieve their missions. This, in turn, continuously shapes Mr. Gheorghe’s own vision and guides his advisory and investment work.

Mr. Gheorghe started his tech journey with a Computer Science degree from the University Politehnica of Bucharest. This led to running successful companies in Europe and later at Google in NYC. Through this journey, he has cultivated a rich network within the Google alumni circle, opening up collaboration and investment opportunities across various tech frontiers. Now based in San Francisco, he remains deeply involved in the Bay Area's innovative communities.

Mr. Gheorghe holds the SIE, Series 7 and 63 registrations with FINRA.